Hear what others have said:

“John is a dynamic leader, gifted with strengths in multiple domains. As an Achiever, he knows how to make things happen. With strengths of Competition and Significance, he can influence teams to perform and others to buy-in to his Futuristic, Strategic vision of what could be.”

– Chancellor Cindy Miles

Beyond the remarkable array of accomplishments noted, John deserves recognition for:
Integrated District advancement efforts (grants and fundraising) into a single Foundation, with one board and integrated goals and leadership while continuing to expand grants/fundraising activities and achievements.
Grew revenues from $4M to over $30M.

Stabilized a faltering Information Systems department by rebuilding trust in the planning and delivery of technology services (Technology Coordinating Council) and helping guide the successful Workday implementation.

Improved confidence in Districtwide Marketing and Communications (increased quality and creativity of marketing campaigns and products). 

Built meaningful support for the Alliance across the college and high school district (led selection/development of a strong, dynamic coordinator, and shepherded the challenging collaboration to develop a substantive Higher Edge Promise program).

Brought new creativity and insights to Chancellor’s Cabinet.

Led diplomatic improvement of District Services Leadership.   

“John is always open to ideas and doesn’t hesitate to solicit opinions and recommendations of coworkers when needed.”

“John is very well organized and always thinks ahead as to be planned and prepared.”

“He has taken the foundation to a new and greater level of success with his brilliance, energy, and dynamic leadership. The respect he establishes in relationships and his uncanny ability to get things done quickly and efficiently are characteristic of John. With his involvement, the foundation has the key to success in all its initiatives and fundraising endeavors, a classic example of which are the Alliance and Employee Giving Campaign. Wow! I consider him to be one of our best!!”

“John has done an outstanding job in revitalizing the Foundation, pushing forward exciting new fundraising opportunities, helping to lead the ECEA, and hiring key people in the Auxiliary. Many times in this line of work, you get someone who is all talk and no action. John, on the other hand, walks the walk. Excellent, excellent work.”

“John is a pleasure to work with. His friendly, positive attitude is infectious. John is extremely professional and exhibits passion and excitement.”

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